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Ocean Plaza

176 Antonovicha Street, Kyiv

Site — www.oceanplaza.com.ua

Location-176 Antonovicha Street, Kyiv

Design Bureau - Pashenko Architectural Bureau

Gross Building Area (GBA)235 000 sq. m

Gross Leasable Area (GLA) 72 000 sq. m

Parking 3 000spaces

Terms of Construction 2010 2012

Opening November 7, 2012

The stunning Ocean Plaza delivers the «wow» factor. No other shopping mall in Ukraine boasts such an appeal, with a daily visitor flow of nearly 65 thousand. Ocean Plaza is a true marvel, another impressive example of innovative design and the highest quality possible that we are accustomed to deliver.

Its grandest attraction by far is a thrilling 350-ton aquarium tank, the largest in Eastern Europe. It is built as a unique closed aquatic ecosystem, and houses thousands of Pacific Ocean inhabitants, including several species of sharks and rays, a multitude of variously shaped corrals, and countless bright tropical fish. Crowned by a centerpiece sculpture we commissioned from the world-renowned artist Frank Meisler, it is our statement of professional excellence and high-tech urban sophistication.

With its ultra-modern interior design, an outdoor beach club, a carting center, a cinema complex, and a stunning multitude of unique cafes and restaurants; one-of-the-kind child amusement park set up by the world-famous Happylon; and an impressive selection of best known luxury brand names throughout its 300 shops and boutiques, Ocean Plaza will remain in the spotlight as one of the Kiev’s most preferred shopping, dining, and entertainment centers for residents and visitors alike for a number of years to come.

KAN Development is proud to have Ocean Plaza recognized with several prestigious awards, including Best Shopping Mall 2012 IBuild Ukraine Award, from the Ukrainian Builders Confederation (UBC); and Best Capital City Project Award at Mall Awards 2010, Mapic Awards 2013.


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