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Business and Retail center 101 Tower

57 L. Tolstoho Street, Kyiv

Site www.101tower.com.ua

Location-57 L. Tolstoho Street, Kyiv

Design– A. Koval Architectural Bureau, Arhimatika

Building Class A

Gross Building Area (GBA)58 404 sq. m

Gross Leasable Area (GLA)38 341 sq. m

Parking - 259spaces

Construction -Q4 2009 Q1 2012

This shimmering glass building rises 27 stories above Lva Tolstoho Street and the Business District of Kyiv, offering breathtaking views of the city. Its combination of robust solidity and strength, high degree of finish and fine materials, unusual form and superb amenities make it a subtle, sophisticated modern landmark of urbanity.

Inside, its design allows about than 60 thousandsquare-meters of interior space, including a modern swim and fitness club, a beauty salon, elegant conference halls, cafes and restaurants, and nearly 260 indoor parking spaces. From the 8th to the 27th floors, the building is comprised of premium flexible office space ranging from oversized lots to variably expandable areas.

The increasingly popular “smart building” concept is at the core of 101 Tower design, providing not just the many conveniences and comforts, but also connecting the various pieces in an integrated, dynamic and functional way. The result of this vision is a sophisticated urban structure that seamlessly fulfills its mission while enhancing efficient performance, supporting a robust electric grid and allowing for highly accommodating working space, among its many amenities.


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